The Healing Oil

Thursday, October 5th, 2023

I actually had a different blog mostly ready to go until I got the Presidential Alert-Test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System yesterday. Just to lay the groundwork, I am not headed in a conspiracy theory or political direction. To be truthful, I am quite disconnected from almost all forms of media. I am sure there were all kinds of ideas flying around as to why this message was sent. I am going to focus on one thing, the time the message was received. I know a few people that got it at the same exact time as I did, so I am assuming many are in that same boat. God speaks to me often through times and numbers. He has given me a very mathematical mind so it’s just another way Him and I relate. As soon as I saw the message, I looked at the exact time it was received, and it was 2:18pm. The very next place I went was to look up this number (“218”) in both Hebrew and Greek (the original languages from which the Old and New Testaments of the Bible were translated). 218 in Hebrew is the name for Ur, a city in Babylon. It was the seat of moon god worship ( 218 in Greek means to anoint with oil to bring healing, relief and gladness (

It’s no deep secret that our nation as a whole has fallen away from its roots. Our founding fathers served God reverently and built our laws and constitution within this frame of mind. Unfortunately, there is more than one sector of our nation that has noticeably detracted from this establishment. While it may not be the moon god specifically, there are many forms of idol worship that have led many away from simple God-honoring devotion. The love of money, the business of child trafficking, the propagating of identity confusion, the taking of innocent life and the concept that truth is relative are a few of our nation’s current little “g” gods. But that Greek word, “aleipho”, the anointing oil that heals and provides relief, does that sound like God or what? No matter what man or the enemy is up to, has God ever stepped down from His throne? Has He thrown up His hands and said, “Oh well, these people are too far gone”? No, He is the one that is, was and always will be. While the current state of affairs surely isn’t what He intended, He is not surprised by any of it. Truth is still truth to Him and someday it will set many more of us free. I can just see Him up there tipping His jar of anointing oil and watching it run all over His beautiful creation. We all need it, seasoned Christians to the pre-believers. Look what it says in 2 Chron 7:14:

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

That’s it! It’s His healing oil that is falling now. Many are repenting and turning from their wicked ways, and many more will soon be joining them. Yes, the wickedness is rampant, but God is moving in so many ways all across this world. Doesn’t a light always shine brighter in the darkness? A lot of what we see (that we even know about) truly is heartbreaking on so many levels, but God hasn’t forgotten about us, and He will never leave us. He is the great redeemer and restorer. I am filled with hopeful expectancy for what He is doing and will continue to do. I truly don’t know how people go through all of this without Him. He is the way, the truth and the light.

Final Thoughts…

I am going to close with a prayer. Lord, we thank You for the word You spoke regarding 2:18pm. We love all the different ways You speak to us. It’s a wonderful treasure hunt seeing how much You love us and how much You want to show us Your love. We pray specifically for this nation. We are grieved daily for those who are blindly being led astray from You, some at the cost of a beautiful life that You formed. We know all of this grieves Your heart too. Lord, forgive us all for turning away from You. Forgive us for following after idols and looking to be filled by things that we were not made to follow after. We pray to You and we seek Your face. We stand in the gap for those who have never known the incredibleness of doing so. We ask that out of Your grace and mercy You would heal this land. Bring us back to our roots. Open blind eyes. Stir up the conscience of those who are knowingly or unknowingly being led astray. May Your truth shine brighter than any phantom light from the prince of darkness. Let Your oil pour down on every single one of us, that we would all experience new and deeper measures of Your Spirit and Your love. We trust You and we will go wherever You go. Show each of us the part we play and give us boldness to carry out our missions. Thank You for inviting us into Your beautiful Kingdom that is here as it is in heaven. Come Lord come.