Little by Little

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

A couple of nights ago I had a very simple dream that, at least for me, has a very profound meaning. In my dream it was the middle of the night, and I was awake and looking out the window. I saw two men hastily walking away from our house with a single piece of firewood in their hands. It bothered me that they were stealing something from us, but I remember thinking in my dream that it would be silly to call the cops or press charges for one piece of wood. Then a little while later there was someone else stealing a single piece of firewood. I finally stopped one of the thieves and said, “Why are you taking our firewood?” They replied: “So we can build a stack of wood and then sell it.” This was the end of my dream.

When I first woke up from my dream I remember thinking it was a pretty simple dream. At first I wasn’t even going to write it down, but then I knew I had traversed that path before and regretted it. As I continued to go back to that dream throughout the day I soon realized the spiritual message that was hidden within.

The firewood thieves represent the enemies assigned to us to steal, kill and destroy. As the scriptures say, they are crafty. They know that if they tried to take our whole firewood pile all at once we would catch on pretty quick and we wouldn’t let them get away with it. So, they have learned to take one piece of wood at a time. They get us to believe one lie here and there or give in to one indulgence here and there or convince us that it’s okay to live by our emotions once in a while. Then a few nights later they are back to steal another piece of wood, one more lie, one more indulgence and one more hall pass for our raging emotions. After a while we are trapped in a web of lies, indulgences and emotions and we have no idea how we got there.

Final Thoughts…

I’m going to end today with a prayer. Lord, we know the crafty prince of darkness could never outwit You. We need You Lord to show us the places where we have allowed him to steal from us. Show us all the little pieces of firewood that we have given him the authority to take. We repent for all the times that we have given in to our flesh, believed a lie instead of Your truths and didn’t take every thought captive. Stir up a heavenly confidence in us that refuses to allow the enemy to have any ground in our lives. Teach our hands to war. Show us how to be bold in the face of darkness. We sever any unrighteous soul ties we have made, and we bind our soul back to You in those places. Holy Spirit we ask that you highlight the times where the enemy is trying to steal our firewood. Empower us to resist him and watch him flee. The enemy has no authority over our lives, in the big things or the little things. Expose the liar and the thief for who he is. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.