Let Him Roar

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Towards the end of the day a few days ago, I was doing dishes and looking out the back window. I suddenly felt like I was supposed to blow the shofar out our back door. This wasn’t entirely uncommon, but the sense of urgency that came with it was sort of new. So, a few moments later I did just that. As I was opening the back door, I noticed that it was starting to sprinkle. Not that long before, it had been quite sunny and warm. After a few sounds on the shofar (yes neighbors, that was me!), I went back in the house. About 10 minutes later I noticed lightning in the sky to the west with rumbles of thunder soon to follow. Now, this is early November in Rochester, NY. It’s not exactly thunderstorm season. I know it’s not impossible this time of year, but all of a sudden, my Spirit felt that it was God thundering. I could feel Him speaking to my spirit, so I got out my journal and started to write. This is what He said:

“I have put power in your voice, power in your breath. The same power that raises the dead is in you. Stop suffering under the weight of burdens I didn’t design for you to carry. The enemy has no authority over you unless you allow him to. You can tell him to bow. You can tell him to flee. You can expose his lies and shout My words to him. You are not his puppet. You have My voice and My breath. You are not dead. You are not helpless. You are alive and through Me you can do anything. When I tell you to speak, let Holy Spirit speak. When I tell you to blow the shofar, let Holy Spirit blow through you. When I tell you to roar, get up, open your mouth and let Holy Spirit roar. When I tell you it’s time to be still, settle into the arms of Holy Spirit and shut out everything else.

When the enemy tries to tell you what to do, tell him you don’t take orders from him. Don’t give him one thought or one word of wavering. Be swift and be decidedly Mine. I don’t need robots; I need Kingdom Warriors. I need those who are battle ready. I need those who will listen for me anywhere and any time of day. I need those who will follow My lead because they love Me and know I will give them the best of what I have. Stop wondering and worrying. You are mine. I will keep you. I will never leave you. I will not disappoint you. I will not fail you. There is no where you have been or will go that I cannot go. I made it all and I hover over and through it all. If it isn’t beautiful yet then I am not done with it. Remember what I did with mud and spit? I can surely cleanse, heal and set you free.

Are you ready to trust me? Are you ready to use your mouth and your voice to thunder through enemy camps? I don’t need passive bystanders. I need faith filled fighters. Put on your armor and let’s get ready to bring light to the darkness. I could do it on my own, but I desire to partner with you. I want you to experience all that I am and all that I have. Once you get a taste for yourselves you will love sharing it with others and setting them free just as I set you free. Blow that shofar, release that roar, stomp that foot and watch what I do. Don’t be surprised by what we do together. Life with Me will never be ordinary. Embrace the race, take your place, and never stop seeking My face.”