Keys to Peace

Tuesday, March 19th, 2024

Sometimes when I read scripture, the thing that Holy Spirit highlights to me is a sort of law of opposites. The scripture will say something like, if this, then that. In my spirit, it’s a quick realization that if I don’t have “that”, I must not be doing “this”. This is what happened to me recently as I read Psalm 37:11:

11 But the meek shall inherit the earth,
And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

I will admit that most days for me are not soaked in an abundance of peace. As someone who is walking out of a life of anxiety and fear, God has given me tremendous victory from where I was, but I would say my peace is classified as “sometimes enjoyed” instead of an “abundance of”. I have full faith that God is bringing me to a place of abundant peace, but much of my journey so far has been more of a marathon than a sprint. I know there is still much from my past and present that needs to be healed, released and sanctified. So, when God highlights a scripture regarding peace, I take it to heart and see if perhaps this is the next step in my instruction manual.

The word “meek” in the original Hebrew (Strong’s) means gentle in mind, needy in circumstances, humble. So, if I am not experiencing abundant peace, it’s safe to say that the thoughts in my mind are abrasive and stubborn, prone to thinking it can handle all of life’s circumstances on its own and, well, prideful. I’m not sure I can argue with that. I know how God feels about pride, and I want to feel that way too, but I know I still fall victim to pride’s sinister lies. Pride traps are all around us. It is one of Satan’s easiest ways to get us bound. If he can get us thinking about ourselves in any way other than what God says about us (good, bad or indifferent) we have fallen victim to pride. It’s thinking we are too good to need God or too broken to be loved by Him.

Final Thoughts…

This is one of those blogs that isn’t that easy to write. I don’t enjoy exposing my vulnerabilities (yes…that’s pride), but I greatly desire abundant peace. And I know we all desire abundant peace. God created us to live in a place of such reliance on Him that there is no room for anything but peace. Lord, show us any and all the places where our lack of meekness keeps us from experiencing abundant peace. Show us the places where we don’t yet fully realize our need for You. Show us the places where our mind is harsh and strong. Soften and tenderize us so that we can have the mind of Christ. Light up all the places where we need to repent and turn from our prideful ways. We desire to give all that we have and all that we are to You, but we cannot do it without You. Thank you for Your compassionate patience that never has and never will give up on us.