A Bigger Box is Still a Box

Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

This blog may sound a little blunt, but it seems I am not supposed to sugar coat it. And perhaps this isn’t even meant for everyone who reads this blog. It may just be my soul that needs a little shaking. Either way, I know I have to put on figurative paper what God has put on my heart.

I’m getting an overwhelming sense of just how much we put God in a box. We don’t think He is interested in the mundane or dirty parts of life. We think He only wants our clean selves, the prayer times that don’t come with tears or heart palpitations. We get surprised by events in life, and we somehow think that He is surprised too. We think He doesn’t listen to us, doesn’t answer our prayers and that we won’t hear from Him.

We don’t live as if we reverently fear Him. We think we can live how we want and then still get all the good things in life. We think our problems are too big or too small for Him. We come to Him with our jaded life experiences, and we think He will treat us just like everyone else has. We think His blessings and curses are more complicated than they really are. We think He isn’t interested in or involved in every aspect of our life. We only reach out when we need Him. He is the Creator of the universe, and He wants to commune with us. That is not something to try to fit into our schedule. That should be how we live.

We need to give Him room to be God and it can’t just be a bigger box. We need to trust that He knows best no matter how uncomfortable it will make us. It’s not about us and our feelings. It’s about God, His power, His love and His unmatched wisdom. As I was doing dishes and getting a sense of the weight of this message the song “The Glory” by Kim Walker-Smith came on. Here are two of the verses from that song:

No more assuming what You wanna do
I’ll get out of the way and give You room
No more containing, the way Your Spirit moves
I’ll get out of the way and give You room

No more performing, I’ll bring You something pure
Forever the one thing I’ll pursue
Fully surrendered to no one else but You
Whatever You ask I won’t refuse
I’ll get out of the way and give You room

Final Thoughts…

If any of this stirs something in you like it does for me, it’s time for us to set God free. Lord, forgive us for all the various sized boxes we have tried to put you in. We don’t want to keep trudging through life wondering when it’s going to get better. We want to strap on our armor and charge out that door knowing that you go with us and before us. You are the King of Kings. None of the things down on this earth that we get so hung up on could ever compare to You. You have already experienced them all, overcome them all and asked us to walk in that same victory. Help us to decide once and for all that You are God and You know the hairs on our head, the grains of sand and the next step we need to take. We don’t need to know it all, we just need to know the One who does.