He Wins Every Time

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

I was going through some old journals recently and I came across this poem I had written in September of ’22. As I kept thinking about what to write today this poem kept coming back to me. It still ministers to me every time I read it, and I pray it ministers to you also.

The giants will fall.
There are none that compare.
No matter their size,
Or the weapons they wear.

There is nothing to fear,
No refuge like His wings.
He silences their growls,
And deflects their stings.

Stand strong and trust,
No matter how it feels.
All the broken pieces,
He has already healed.

Your fear has to bow.
Your hurt must take a knee.
Your chains will be severed.
Your shackles set free.

You can’t slay them alone.
You need a King with a key.
He knows what He is doing.
He whispers, “Wait and see”.

He is steady when you are shaking.
He is strong when you’re not.
He is full when you are empty.
His shield defends every shot.

The night doesn’t scare Him,
Neither any disease.
He’s defeated them all,
Buckled their knees.

Tell satan where to go.
You’re a child of the King.
Your breath and your voice,
The best weapons you can bring.

No more worrying and wondering.
It’s time to live free.
This burden isn’t yours.
He beckons, “Give it to Me.

“I do not lie.
I will never leave.
In every situation,
I’m all that you need.

“Stop pacing and tiring.
You’ve nothing to prove.
Let Me carry you on.
I’ll guide your every move.

“No giant is worthy,
To dictate your life.
Control is their tactic,
But I win every time.

“My Love is the answer.
My Peace is your gift.
When you need them most,
They are direct and swift.

“Get up and pick up your mat.
Your Savior is here.
On dry ground we will go.
Your promised land is near.

“Set your altar ablaze.
What’s precious we will keep.
Wood, stubble, and giants,
Will vanish into ash heaps.”